Drain Cleaning Plumber in Pasadena CA

Pasadena is among the largest cities in California, with a population of nearly 150,000 residents. This population ranks them as the ninth most populated city in Los Angeles County, and was the fourth city in the same county to become incorporated behind Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Santa Ana.

Pasadena is widely known for it’s popular Rose Bowl college football game, held annually. The Rose Bowl is one of the largest stadiums in the world, and is the 11th largest stadium in the United States. With a seating capacity of nearly 100,000 spectators, the Rose Bowl hosted annually is one of the most attended games in the country for college football, or pro sports for that matter.

Historic Route 66 once ran through Pasadena until it’s closing in 1964. These days, there are four freeways that pass through the city connecting the city to the nearby Bob Hope Airport, but also the San Fernando Valley, as well as the Foothill Freeway. Only 10 miles outside of Los Angeles, Pasadena is a commuter town with many people residing here, and commuting into Los Angeles for work.

The city features areas like Bungalow Heaven and other vintage historical neighborhoods with homes built as far back as 1900 through to 1930, with many of these homes still available and occupied today. The city has also called homes to massive historical estates that have included the likes of William Wrigley Jr., the Wrigley gum founder, to Adolphus Busch who was the co-founder of Budweiser brewing company Anheuser-Busch.

With old housing can come the headaches of old and inadequate plumbing when compared to new construction offered in other areas of the city either in Pasadena or elsewhere throughout the Los Angeles County. And with old plumbing comes the need for plumbing repairs!
When these old homes have the inevitable issues that they do from leaks, to clogs, to poor water pressure and alike, Pasadena residents turn to local service professionals like New-Pipe Plumbing and Rooter. Companies like New-Pipe service the Pasadena regularly, and service not only Pasadena, but also the other neighboring cities throughout the Los Angeles County.

Even though the pipes and plumbing may be from the 1900’s the services and techniques offered by the professionals at New-Pipe are anything but old! From in-pipe video inspection to look at your pipes, to pipe repairs and cleaning, New-Pipe does it all. Whether you are looking for service of your residential job, or service and help on a commercial job, New-Pipe has the expertise and experience to get the job done right!