Studio City, CA

Sewer Drain Cleaning & Repairs in Studio City CA

Drain Sewer Line Cleaning and Repairs in Studio City, California

Studio City situated in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, is an affluent neighborhood renowned for its somewhat famous population of movie and television stars, film directors and other similar professionals in the entertainment industry. Famous residents include Miley Cyrus, George Clooney, Julie Bowen, Neil Patrick Harris, Selena Gomez, William Shatner and many others.



History of Studio City, CA

Studio City was once known as Laurelwood, and was once part of a ranch with plenty of water and farming rights. However, it soon lost most of its water and the rights in 1899 and developers began looking to use the land for other purposes. It was in 1809 that the Los Angeles Aqueduct was completed and water began reaching the Valley again. Property development boomed and eventually in 1927 the 20 acres of land was turned into a new studio by Lack Sennett.



Studio City Famous Landmarks

Studio City is famous for its commercial corridor lined with palm trees, Ventura Boulevard, with Laurel Canyon right in the heart of the suburb. Other well known areas in Studio City are Coldwater Canyon Boulevard, and Mulholland Drive, which roughly borders the area. CBS Studio Center is located within Studio City, as well as Studio City Recreation Center, or Beeman Park, which offers a baseball diamond, auditorium, walking track, barbeque pits, children’s play area and picnic area. The Brady Bunch house is one of the well known area landmarks that visitors come to see, as well as various historical buildings and museums, including Laurelwood Apartments which were built by the famous architect R.M Schindler in 1948, and St Saviour’s Chapel built in 1914.



Real Estate in Studio City

With its high population of entertainment industry professionals and highly paid movie actors, directors, producers, and the like, the real estate in Studio City comprises of large estate homes, mansions and other expansive properties, as well as large loft apartments, condos, and townhomes. In fact, with a population of 37,201, Studio City has one of the lowest densities of people per square mile, than any other area in the city of Los Angeles. All of these large properties must be well maintained and most residents employ the services of garden and home maintenance professionals to look after their properties including drain sewer line cleaning experts. Drain sewer line cleaning and repairs in Studio City, California is the best way to ensure that your home is properly cared for.



Schools and Education Facilities

The main public schools in Studio City include Colfax Charter Elementary, Carpenter Community Charter, and Rio Vista Elementary with Walter Reed being the only Middle School to serve the community, as well as North Hollywood High. In the private sector, you will find Campbell Hall, The Emerson Academy, and Oakwood Elementary Campus, along with Bridges Academy, a school for gifted children, and Harvard-Westlake Upper Campus.



Drain Sewer Line Cleaning and Repairs in Studio City, California

With the many large homes and multiple sewerage lines, drain cleaning is a must in Studio City. Mainline drain sewer line cleaning and repairs in Studio City, California include root removal and soft stoppage, with other drain repairs including kitchen and bathroom drains, laundry line drain and floor drain cleaning among others. For the residents of Studio City, California, drain sewer line cleaning is a quick and easy way of maintaining your home and ensuring that your properties remains in tip top condition at all times.




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